gordon ramsay hells kitchen 'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Time to Kick Some PassSo who is the mysterious visitor to the dormitories? Oh, they’re just family members. Not axe murderers. Christina’s girlfriend and her mom, Justin’s parents, Barbie’s kids and partner, Dana’s partners. “My family is so supportive, and they’re so proud of me,” says Barbie. Look, I’m not a complete *******. There’s genuine emotion in this scene. Although I would like to see a little more from Christina’s Linda Evangelista-esque girlfriend. And it was amusing to hear Justin say it was good to let go with some emotion because he’s been “literally stone-faced” since he got here.

The next morning, it’s back to business, and this twist treated like a major reveal has a lasting impact for all of about one minute of screen time. Chef Scott calls the dorm to tell them their rides are outside, and they’re taken to Bristol Farms, where Ramsay greets them and announces that great chefs also “maximize profits” which is yeah, what everyone thinks of great chefs, their profit margins.

At any rate, the challenge is for the chefs to each take $15 and 10 minutes to design a fine-dining dish and the winner is the one whose dish would fetch the highest price. Dana starts screaming about paying $35.99 a pound for halibut in Jersey, but gets a small portion anyway. Barbie’s protein is more economical, a $5.99 a pound pork chop. Justin’s strategy is to go for in-season — and therefore cheaper — ingredients like corn and avocado, and pair it with shrimp. Christina asks for half a pound of swordfish steak, and the fact we see the meat guy ask if she wants skin on or not seems significant.

At the till, everyone’s under budget, except for Justin, who is seventy-seven cents over and so has to return the avocado. But at least he gets his mango through, so there’s that.

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