josh holloway lost s6 320 3 Help me choose the Top 25 All Time 'Lost' QuotesYou did such a good job with naming your favorite “Lost” characters of all time yesterday that I’ve chosen to given you another assignment. After all, this is how things go down in the business world: once you’ve proven yourself capable of one thing, you’re given four more to do. So why should this blog be any different? What, you thought this site was a respite from reality? In the immortal words of Martin Heidegger: HELL to the no!

Next up: the 25 All-Time Greatest “Lost” Quotes! These are the lines that thrill the soul, that tickle the funny bone, that make you scratch your head and wonder if “Lost” could possibly be more cryptic. They stick in your head, become part of your everyday discourse, and ensure either blank stares or wide-eyed joy if you drop them around the proverbial water cooler. And I want to know your favorites.

Two things before you drop some knowledge in the comments section:

1) I’ve decided against ultimate ranking these quotes in any meaningful way. When it comes to topics such as “Favorite Episode” or “Favorite Character,” it’s still as subjective as “Favorite Quote.” But it’s much easier (as well as worthwhile) to defend an entire episode versus a simple quote. Other than being more memorable than those that don’t make the final cut, don’t assume I’ve given preference to one over the other when I post the final results in January.

2) In my mind, a quote consists of no more than two exchanges of dialogue. A single line is ideal. Short monologues are fine. But if you need to add context via the line before or after, go for it. If you select “the entire opening scene of ‘The Incident'” as your selection, I’m preemptively giving everyone else permission to point at you and laugh like Nelson from “The Simpsons.”

Those are the only rules. Other than that, post away! I look forward to hearing your selections.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee