evangeline lilly lost s6 320 3 Help me choose the Top 25 'Lost' MomentsI knew that I would get a response for these Top 25 “Lost” lists this week. But you all have gone above and beyond the call of duty in telling me your favorite characters and quotes from the show so far. I’ve compiled your replies for those and will be posting the final results in January. But we can’t stop now; we’ve got perhaps the grand-daddy of all these lists: the Top 25 “Lost” Moments.

Now, a “moment” can mean many things. Perhaps it’s as simple as a look between two people. Perhaps it’s a short scene between two people. Perhaps it’s the moment in which a huge chunk of mythology clicks into place. I’m not going to try and put a lot of parameters on this one, as it gets to the heart of what makes the show click for you. Who am I to put a boundary on your enjoyment?

When all is said and done, we will have a list that fans can point to whenever they need a quick reminder of all the small and large moments that have combined to help make “Lost” the show it is. These moments aren’t simply the cliffhangers or the game-changers (though obviously both will end up on the list in some fashion), but also the small, singular moments that favor character over spectacle. Here are a few not-so-obvious choices that potentially could make the list:

The Sawyer/Kate game of “I never” in “Outlaws
Juliet tells Sun her “D.O.C.
Hurley and Ben share a candy bar in “Cabin Fever

So get a-choosin’, people! Fight for your favorite moment’s inclusion by listing them in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to echo other people’s choices if they beat you to the punch; if a lot of people value a moment I may have overlooked, it will definitely improve its chances to make the final cut. Then again, somehow I doubt that I have to worry about you voicing your opinion, given your A+ effort so far this week.

In addition, since this is the last entry of the calendar year, a heartfelt thanks to all the readers and commenters that have made writing this blog such a pleasure. We’ve taken huge collective strides this year, and I look forward to a 2010 that exceeds anything that’s come before. Namaste.

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