jorgegarcia lost 290 Help me identify the 25 Most Important Moments in 'Lost' historyI’m always looking for new topics to talk about in the “Lost” off-season. Trust me, it’s not always easy to generate topics in a vacuum such as this. As such, I try and think of various ongoing series in order to have fall-backs when topics are escaping me. Otherwise, I’d churn out entries like, “The symbolic use of ferns in Dharma stations” and “Juliet Burke: I’d hit it.” Honestly, no one needs to reads entries like that.

Sure, I already have the “Light vs. Dark” and “Six in Six” series, both of which will see new additions in the near future. But variety is the spice of both blog AND life, so I’m currently prepping a new series that will roll out over the next few months: The 25 Most Important Moments in “Lost” History. Let’s be clear: this is not the 25 Greatest Moments. It’s the 25 Most Important Moments. And there is a difference.

What I will be looking at are the 25 moments that were instrumental in getting the show to the end of Season 5, with Juliet detonating Jughead and notLocke kicking Jacob into the eternal flame under the statue. Since the show is one large narrative, we can go back and look at the key moments that led to the final set of circumstances in “The Incident.” How did these particular people get to that point? And who may have stage-managed things from afar?

Here’s an example that hopefully clarifies what I’m hoping to achieve with this series. If you were looking purely at the greatest moments in the show’s history, I’m sure Jack/Kate scene outside of LAX at the end of Season 3 would top 9 out of 10 lists. Hard to argue with that choice in terms of greatness, shock level, or overall ballsiness. But its importance lies in its relationship to the audience, not the story. It’s still a Top 25 Most Important Moment, to be sure. But in the grand scheme of things, Cabin Christian telling Locke to move the Island in “Cabin Fever” is more important in determining the story of the show.

While I start to make my list and check it thrice, I want to solicit your input. Some of the big ticket moments seem self-evident, but I’m curious about the more minor ones. Like, for instance: what was a more important moment, Des turning the failsafe key or Penny writing the note that gave him the courage to hold out that long? These are intriguing questions that I hope get addressed in this series. Because while the grand gestures usually get identified, they are often in response to something much more subtle but far more important.

So leave your thoughts and suggestions below. If I use them in the series, I’ll be giving you explicit props for addressing them. If more than one person suggests the same thing, that’s fine: credit will be given to all when the time comes. Hopefully our combined efforts yield something that sheds a great deal of light on the show as a whole.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee