sawyer gun lost 0316 320 Help shape the greatest moments, characters, and quotes in 'Lost' historyWe’re coming to the end of all things “Lost” here at Zap2it. I know, I know. Don’t worry: I’m sure in the afterlife, one of you will run me over with your car to wake me up. In fact, I can pretty much narrow down who that will be to two or three of you already. But have faith: even though I’ll stop blogging here next week, all of the content will live on. It’s not going anywhere. All of the entries, all of the recaps, and all of the galleries will stick around for as long as Zap2it does. And since that’s the case, I need your help.

Before Season 5 started, I compiled a series of Top 25 galleries. Obviously, those all need amending and updating before I sail off into that great white light…of summer vacation. So while I have a few ideas of what should be included in the final version, I want your feedback as well to help formulate the final decision. I’ll list each gallery (linking the existing one to start) and offer a few thoughts about each to help shape your thoughts on the matter.

The Top 25 Characters

1) Jack’s totally, totally moving up the list. No doubt in my mind.
2) Walt’s totally, totally moving down on the list. No doubt in my mind. Heck, he might be gone when all is said and done.
3) A lot of you noted at the time that Charles Widmore’s initial omission was an outrage. Should I amend that, or did Season 6 not help his case?
4) I’m really trying to figure out where Jacob/Man in Black go. When I created the list, they only appeared in one episode (and, in The Man in Black’s case, one scene). They are certainly IMPORTANT figures in “Lost” lore, but should they bump off characters such as Claire? Ponderous indeed.

The Top 25 Quotes

1) I have to be careful and not just re-arrange this list to essentially boil down to “everything Miles said this year,” which I could easily do without being vigilant.
2) “Nothing is irreversible” will definitely make the cut. So will Smocke’s speech about the saddest thing he ever heard.
3) Nothing that Zoe ever said is admissible as a suggestion. Just…yea.

The Top 25 Moments

1) Just as there will be a temptation to overdose on Miles in the quotes gallery, I feel like there will be a temptation to load up on moments from “The End” here. But I am going to try and limit it to three, tops.
2) At least one current Top Ten moment is going to take a HUGE fall. Like, potentially, off the list entirely.
3) While “What Kate Does” is widely considered to be a subpar episode, I bet her scene with Sawyer on the docks makes the final cut.
4) I have a sneaking suspicion nothing that happened in The Temple will make the cut, though the Hurley/Dogen scene in “Lighthouse” might sneak its way in there if enough people think it should.

So let me have your input? My colleagues here at Zap2it will be updating these in time for the blog’s swan song next week. So vote early, and vote often!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee