helvetica april fools Helvetica goes Comic Sans! Google's April Fools' Day prankOh, you thought Google only had one April Fool’s Day prank up its ginormous, nerdy sleeve? You were wrong. Get ready for a total geek freak out.

The best pranks have a specific target, and this one in particular is aimed at type nerds and graphic designers. (Noel Crane, we’re looking at you.) If you Google-search the word “helvetica” — a popular, clean sans serif font that’s all the rage these days — your results will come up in Comic Sans.

Oh, the horror.

Comic Sans is a font modeled after comic book speech bubble characters, and it’s just… generally hated among any designer with taste. In fact, there’s an entire movement to Ban Comic Sans, because human beings have far too much time on their hands these days. There’s actually a documentary called “Comic Sans: The Most Hated Font in the World” in the works.

Seriously. Sounds fascinating, right?

Comic Sans: Documentary Teaser from Anthony Meadows on Vimeo.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie