It’s official: Shelley Godfrey will be back in “Hemlock Grove” Season 2.
The younger sister of Roman Godfrey was thought to be dead at the end of Season 1, but the above photo Netflix released proves that is not the case. Instead, “Californication” actress Madeline Martin takes over the role from Season 1’s Nicole Boivin.
Apparently Shelley has a key role to play in Season 2 — and will get something of a love interest. “She meets a young man who is letting her hide out in his basement. He’s very crucial in helping her evolve this season,” Martin tells Yahoo TV. “She helps him out a lot as well. Shelley has her own storyline apart from Hemlock Grove, which is fun for me.”

Martin also says that she got to work with Famke Janssen and the rest of the cast, so chances are Shelley will be drawn back to Hemlock Grove by season’s end.

“Hemlock Grove’s” 10-episode Season 2 premieres in its entirety on Friday, July 11 at 12:01 a.m. PT on Netflix.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz