Henley Boone is a stranger in a strange place, and she dresses accordingly.
Henley (Lauren German) is part waif, a tad gypsy, a bit hippie and all free spirit. She’s adorable in the way one can be when office attire isn’t a worry.
In real life, German dresses without regard to rules.
“I dress kind of more eclectic in real life,” she says. “Some people think I am blind when I put on an outfit, and some really like it. I have a serious problem, but I just go with it. I don’t care what people think of my outfit; not in a smug way but I just like to mix and match.”
Her character lives in the idyllic town of Haplin, Minn. – or so it would it be were it not for residents disappearing – in ABC’s new Wednesday mystery, Happy Town.
The show is shot in Toronto, and German says, “For the first two or three episodes, it was so darned cold there were no fashionable options.”
They put her in “the warmest woolly mammoth coat” she says. And German was mindful that this is supposed to be Minnesota. “We tried to get a little style, but this isn’t the capital of fashion here,” she says. “Henley is a little artistic, a little creative, a little eclectic, but not for L.A. or New York.”
Costume designer Barbara Somerville describes Henley as “eclectic and mysterious, adventurous, open and energetic.” To translate that into a look, Somerville takes “disparate pieces because her personality is so complex,” she says, “and I blend them together to make Henley.”
She shops at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, where she found a skort jumpsuit, which Somerville says has a “Chanel, Katharine Hepburn feel, a beautiful ivory blouse and attached navy and white polka-dot shorts, and put over that a floral cardigan wrap.”
She buys upscale items at Holt Renfrew but shops Zara for bargains.
“They do amazing knockoffs of high-end stuff,” she says of Zara. “A lot of fashion-forward pieces can be found there. You can create some great looks that way.”
For vintage clothes, she shops in Toronto’s Kensington Market and likes Courage My Love and Flashback.
Not wanting to spoil anything about the show’s mystery, Somerville says, “We had to do something special for an exciting departure,” so she put Henley in a Betsey Johnson dress.
Most of Henley’s outfits, though, are separates, which Somerville finds at the Gap, H&M, Club Monaco, James Perse, and Elizabeth and James. Leather jackets are from Levi’s.
“If you take all those pieces and put them together, you can create this interesting look,” Somerville says. “The key is to always have some element of tension in her outfit, to have her look anything but ordinary.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler