henry cavill shirtless Henry Cavill as shirtless Superman on 'Man of Steel' set

“Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder has a proven track record with ripped, shirtless men. Don’t believe us? Go rent “300.” But he may have outdone himself by casting Henry Cavill as Superman.

Sure, Superman is supposed to be a muscular man of brawn and might, but Cavill is taking it to the extreme; case in point, this series of set pics featuring a ripped (and bearded) Cavill. While this iteration of Clark Kent looks more mountain man than Superman, we imagine there’s a perfectly good explanation for why the Last Son of Krypton hasn’t shaved and is also carrying his shoes. 

You can see the full set of pics here at ComingSoon.net. Ladies, enjoy and men, prepare to be guilted into a gym trip. 

Posted by:janderson