After years of hyping “Man of Steel,” Henry Cavill finally got to arrive at San Diego Comic-Con as the world’s newest Superman. It was a perfect year for him to attend too, as DC was celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman the character.

Cavill walked the Warner Bros. DC party red carpet, and Zap2it had the chance to chat with him and ask how his life has changed since “Man of Steel” premiered. Unsurprisingly, he said the fact that his personal life is now a hot topic — he recently and briefly dated “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco — is something that has taken some getting used to.

“The private life is considerably reduced,” he says. “Everyone seems to know where I am, what I’m doing, and you know, it’s interesting, but it’s new and I’m just going to have to adapt to it.”

So how has he adapted? “You’ve just got to take it in stride and see how it goes,” Cavill says. “Nothing in life, no big change in life is easy, but you have to look for the positives in that change and that’s what I’m trying doing.”

Warner Bros. has not yet announced plans for “Justice League,” so it’s unclear what Cavill’s next role in the DC film universe will be. He’s still got some big movie plans in the pipeline, though.

“The projects I want to do, I want them to be different enough so an audience gets to enjoy me as a storyteller rather than just a singular character,” he says, adding of the specific types of films he’s looking for, “Period genres, comedy, drama; all of them. Whatever good script comes along, I’d love to tell that story.”

One of the big complaints about “Man of Steel” was the way that Superman seemingly carelessly destroyed much of Metropolis and his hometown of Smallville. Many said those actions didn’t seem in keeping with the character of Superman, but Cavill has a different take.

“I don’t think it was intentional. I’m just saying,” Cavill says of the destruction. “If two super human beings were to go head-to-head and you have a choice between trying to take this guy down or leaving him be — he’ll destroy the planet as opposed to part of Metropolis — and I think it’s about minimizing as much damage as possible by choosing the lesser of two evils.”

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz