Here’s a freakish photo that might make you think twice about having eight babies.

This is Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman just eight days before giving birth to her brood of eight. And Demi Moore preggers on the cover of Vanity Fair, she ain’t.

Although, don’t think Nadya hasn’t thought about that cover with envy.

Website200_2 You won’t find this horrifying snap on Nadya’s new family website where you can donate money to  her using your PayPal account.

C’mon, don’t you want to contribute to this pathetic lady’s tummy tuck? You can’t snap back from this, folks. There just aren’t enough Spanx in the world.

And she’s gonna need way more than Jessica Simpson‘s mom jeans to hide this distended belly.

But thanks to TMZ for the photo that shows why Nadya has that reported bad back.

Now comes word from her publicist that the single mom of 14 who is receiving food stamps also has been receiving death threats. And last week, she had to leave the cramped, messy three-bedroom house she shares with her parents in Southern California.

"Because of the death threats to Nadya and her family, as well as the death threats to me and my agency, we were in a secure location last week," Joann Killeen said on Thursday’s Dr. Phil show. "When the risk was determined, it was no longer a high threat, we were able to leave that location."

Death threats are unacceptable, people. But we can certainly understand how outraged folks are over this sad, sad situation.

What’s the solution? Should family services take these babies and find them good homes?

Who should pay the bill for their ongoing medical care?

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