StarjonesHere’s some sniping news that didn’t make it onto “The View!”


Former "View" co-host Star Jones just can’t stop whining. She is still milking her "View" experience and is once again slamming her catty co-hosts in the November issue of Essence.

"Those girls were hateful," Jones has said of the witches, I mean, women, she sat next to during her "View" tenure and her controversial 2006 defection.

She also adds that the media backlash after she left was "mean-spirited."

She also says that Barbara Walters "set me up." What, she forced you to take free wedding sponsorship from cakes to jewelry, to gowns and honeymoon trips? Then she made you lie about having gastric bypass surgery?

Jones doesn’t regret having the surgery, but she does admit that she probably should have been more open about it.

“I should have told them … there would not have been a backlash,” she said.

Jones also a few um, words, for ex-husband Al Reynolds, who has used the Web to publically declare, along with his heterosexuality, that he had no clue his wedding was "sponsored" and that he "still loves" Jones in a series of YouTube videos.

"I’m not in love with him," she stated.

Their divorce was final in September. Move on, Star. And shuddup, already. You sound like a broken record.

Photo: Star Jones at Tyler Perry, new movie and TV studio in Atlanta on Oct. 4.

Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead