Sendhilramamurthy_heroes_s2_240We’re a week away from the finale of book two of Heroes (and maybe the whole season — who knows?), which means nearly everyone got to play this week. Despite a couple cringeworthy moments, things moved along at a pretty good clip, and we seem to be set up for a decent capper to this most uneven of half-seasons.

Of course, that’s what we all thought in May too.

(I’m not lying, or even shaping the truth to my own ends, when I say that spoilers are coming presently.)

Lies, truth and just what you choose to believe were the themes of Monday’s episode, "Truth & Consequences." Several characters found themselves going along with the less credible (to us at home, anyway) version of events, willing to accept a shaky story because it fits with their goal. All of which means there’s going to be a dustup in Odessa in seven days’ time.

Suresh, never the most real world-savvy of scientists, comes right out and says he’s happy he didn’t do any "real damage" while he was working with HRG, whom he’s now nursing back to post-bullet-in-the-eye health in a cozy Primatech bunker. "Wasn’t I dead?" HRG wonders. Yes, yes you were, Suresh informs him, but we used a transfusion of Claire’s blood to bring you back and …

Oh, bad idea, Mohinder. HRG probably would have been angry enough at being locked up; knowing that his daughter is still potentially in harm’s way is only going to make him that much more determined to take the company down.

Suresh is at least right to assume that the lethal strain of the Shanti virus — No. 138 — isn’t exactly safe, pointing out to Bob that he was on the inside of the company for weeks, and only his supreme wishy-washiness kept him from really messing with things. (Seriously, who does background checks at Primatech? Do they farm that out to CTU or something?) But if he really believes Bob is going to go along with his idea to destroy every last strain of the virus, then he’s even denser than he’s previously been revealed to be.

Miloventimiglia_heroes_s2_240Peter, too, swallowed some questionable information from Adam in his zeal to save Caitlin, who’s still trapped in the future. The two men trek to Maine to see Victoria Pratt (I guess Parkman, absent this week, wasn’t as quick to track her down), the scientist who stopped Adam from releasing the virus 30 years ago (an event that a time-traveling Hiro witnessed; as an aside, kudos to the Heroes casting department for finding convincing younger versions of Victoria and Kaito Nakamura).

Adam convinces Peter that, in fact, it was Victoria and the other founders who were endangering the world, which makes Peter feel less conflicted about Adam murdering her moments later. I feel kind of bad for Joanna Cassidy; her appearance was teased for weeks, thanks to her presence in the founders’ photo, and here she gets a bullet in the back in her first appearance.

Having seen what went on in 1977, and having used his father’s files to figure out where the virus is stored, Hiro blinks himself to the Primatech facility in Odessa ("Why is saving the world always your responsibility?" Ando wonders to the space his friend just occupied) to confront Adam, only to find Peter there with him. And apparently being a time-stopper yourself makes you immune when someone else freezes things, because he’s fully ambulatory even though Adam and all the extras are stuck when Hiro arrives.

The episode ends with Hiro, Kensei’s sword in hand, charging Peter, who’s ready to use his Palpatine power to take out his one-time ally. I’d say I’m pumped to see that fight next week, if my expectations hadn’t been dramatically lowered by the last climactic battle involving Peter. Unless that sword really is special, though, I can’t say I like Hiro’s chances.

The rest of the folks we saw this week were only tangentially connected to the two main Primatech stories. Claire is mourning her not-really-dead father, which causes her to get really melodramatic and say things like "I’ve fallen 20 stories, gotten stabbed in the head … but this hurts more than all of that." Her confrontation with Elle was nice, though, mostly for the promise that the supers may come out of the shadows. Though I’m a little fuzzy on just what Claire hopes to accomplish here; surely there’s a reason her dad has tried to keep her abilities quiet for her entire life.

Niki’s reunion with Micah and Sylar’s super-creepy seduction of Maya — she has a thing for bad boys, I guess, but in a twist on the old story she thinks he can change her, rather than vice versa — didn’t give us much, other than a cliff-hanging dilemma for Suresh. Does he continue to New Orleans to give Niki the cure, or double back to try to save Molly from Sylar? Since the teaser for next week flatly stated that "two heroes will fall," the situation isn’t looking great for Niki.

Who else is going down? And how are you feeling about Heroes going into next week’s finale?

Posted by:Rick Porter