Even though it hasn’t officially renewed “Heroes” yet, NBC has been assuring the media that the superhero drama isn’t going anywhere any time soon. At January’s Press Tour they went as far as to say that its future is “very secure.”

Which is a bit of a puzzle. Obviously expensive to produce, the show lost its way creatively in the second season. Viewers noticed and and its ratings quickly suffered and have never returned to their first season levels.

Last week, out of the blue, “Heroes” had a rare return to what made the show so great to begin with. “Cold Snap” was the reward for those who’ve stuck in for nearly two years waiting for the lost show to find its way back. Not to say that there was a giant payoff, or we’re confident the showrunners suddenly know where they’re going and what they’re doing, but it was a top notch episode that gave us real conflict, characters we could care about again and a story we could be invested in.

What was different? It was written by producer Bryan Fuller (“Wonderfalls,” “Dead Like Me”), who hasn’t penned a script for the show since Season One’s “Company Man.” Fuller left “Heroes” after the first season in favor of producing his own show, “Pushing Daisies,” for ABC. With “Daisies” canceled, Fuller is back in the “Heroes” fold.

Watching the episode, I idly Twittered: “Would you rather: Have Bryan Fuller keep writing ‘Heroes’ or get another new series all his own?”

The responses were swift and bountiful.

    “His own series, hands down. Maybe not quite as ‘out there’ as PD but at least a little bit ‘out there’ like Wonderfalls.” — @cabri

    “New series of his own, preferably on a cable net that will give him time and space.” — @coyotesqrl

    “New series, if the network will keep it on. New cable series maybe.” — @witnessaria

    “New series. He can do so much better than Heroes.” — @electrcspacegrl

    “Definitely his own show. His mind is too creative.” — @tvweek_vlada

    “Heroes is done – we need new shows to replace the void left by now-gone genuine programming like PD, ER, etc” — @gdelrio

    “He should have another series of his own. His mind is too creative to be squandered on someone else’s work.” — @BrionSwea

    “Speaking as someone who still adores Wonderfalls, I believe it’s best he sticks with Heroes. For now. It was a good episode.” — @kwolfhard

    “I’d rather see Bryan Fuller get his own show rather than stick with HEROES.” — @GMMR

So, yea, kwolfhard aside, the consensus seems to be that “Heroes” time has come and gone.

Maybe we could have the best of both worlds and Fuller could helm a “Heroes” spin-off series. At this point, HRG might be the only one worth saving and starting fresh with.

What say you? Did “Cold Snap” renew your interest in “Heroes” in general or was it merely an anomaly? Or, have you already given up on the show and missed it altogether?

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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