greatest american hero 'Heroes': Greatest American HeroesReally excellent episode of “Heroes” tonight. Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.

Claire is faced with a choice this episode: lesbian or sorority girl. Just do what a lot of college girls did, Claire. Use one to be the other. [hands smacking] Problem solved.

No seriously, Claire is approached by her mom’s sorority in the form of Jackie Cook from “Veronica Mars.” Gretchen doesn’t like it one bit and her obsession with Claire starts to show, complete with many, many websites on her computer about Claire and a possible attempted murder of Claire’s new friend at a sorority mixer.

So what does Gretchen do to make it better? Lays a big smooch on Claire. As one does. Just then the sorority girls show up and offer them both bids. I would call BS on Gretchen getting a bid but we had several girls like her in my sorority and I applaud the show not stereotyping the sorority.

Peter & Emma
Peter saves Emma from an on-coming bus and in doing so absorbs her
power. So he can see sounds as colors, which I agree with our
commenters: what kind of “power” is that? Big whoop.

At the hospital, Peter discovers that he got the power from Emma and
that she’s deaf during a children’s choir performance of the theme from
“Greatest American Hero.” Snerk. Peter explains to her about the
different abilities and she is naturally skeptical but he asks her if
it’s really any crazier than seeing sounds as colors and they sit down
at a piano and play and watch the colors. It’s nice. But he manages to
insult her by asking her to have lunch, get her out of the file room,
which coincidentally her mother (Nurse Ratched!) was bugging her about

After running from Peter, Emma goes home and plays her cello angrily
enough to make the building shake and her wall break. Meanwhile, Hiro teleports into Peter’s apartment and promptly faints.

Sylar crawls out of his grave and finds this fight just doesn’t mean a thing, he ain’t got that swing. No, just kidding. He crawls out and can’t remember who he is, so who’s he gonna call? Ghostbusters. Sylar seems to have completely forgotten his past life and is almost experiencing all sensations for the first time.

The cop and a doctor work with his dissociative amnesia to try to bring back his former self but all he can focus on is the ticking of the wall clock and the doctor’s watch. When his prints come back as having killed his mother, Sylar is horrified and can’t remember a thing.. When Winston the cop gets physical with him, Sylar accidentally sends him crashing through the one-way mirror and escapes.

He tracks down the doctor in the parking lot and asks for her help. He then basically forces her to drive him away but she insists he turn himself in, which he does but the police pump him full of lead anyway. He and the doctor tumble down a hill, the doctor sees him heal and tells him to run for it. Where does he run? TO THE KARN EVIL!

Karn Evil

Samuel vows to “complete their circle” and says he has planted many seeds but they have to wait and see who shows up. So who shows up? Rebecca, the rush chair of Claire’s new sorority. Turns out she can become invisible and that’s what made all the objects fly around… including ANNIE out the window. Nice, show. Who else shows up? Sylar. Exxxxxcellent.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I totally didn’t see sorority girl as a new evil hero. Gretchen has been such great misdirection by the show that I was actually sucked totally in and loved the reveal of Rebecca.
  • Really strong episode, I thought. Even though Eeeeeevil Sylar having amnesia could be a really bad place to go, I will reserve judgment until I see what Zachary Quinto can do with it.
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