Haydenpanettiere_heroes_2Before the final few scenes of tonight’s Heroes, I was prepared to write something about how, for everything she hates about her adoptive parents, things could be worse for Claire. Nathan and Meredith don’t really seem like they’d make such great parents.

And then, it appears, that HRG’s repeated memory wipes of her wife have gone and wrecked her mind, and, well, that particular version of her life doesn’t look so great either. It’s maybe a good thing she’s indestructible, because this sort of thing could drive a girl to cut herself.

We already know Nathan, his possibly real feelings of remorse upon leaving the trailer park aside, is not the most cuddly guy. Hyper-focused politicians seldom are. But as it turns out, her biological mom Meredith has a few issues too — extortion, for instance. Did you catch how she lowballed her own daughter, offering to split $50,000 with Claire when Nathan offered 100 grand?

Claire, of course, doesn’t know all that, so seeing the woman who raised her spiraling downward after yet another memory wipe at HRG’s orders — which surely she must suspect — only drove the wedge between her and Mr. Bennet even deeper.

Other than that little tidbit, though, there wasn’t a whole lot in this episode on which to hang a hat. Ando’s showgirl? If there was anything about that little subplot that didn’t scream "setup," I must have missed it. And Suresh and Sylar? Shouldn’t he have picked up that the guy who sounded scared to death over the phone and the guy spouting Abraham Maslow to him seemed, I don’t know, a little different?

One other note: Who else here suddenly finds Parkman a good deal more interesting now that he’s flirting with the dark side? Matt has been a doormat for pretty much the entire season, so it’s not a huge surprise that he’s finally starting to look out for himself. His ability came in handy when he was trying to protect Malsky (not that it worked, ultimately. How’d Jessica get to Malsky before him, anyway?), and I would imagine it’d help on the other side of the coin too.

Couple other random thoughts:

  • Ando had a point early on when he said that Hiro wasn’t really paying attention to his ideas. Then again, if this is what results from Ando taking the lead — Hiro in the custody of the Gaming Commission and Ando on the lam with an evil showgirl — maybe he should let his buddy stay in the lead.
  • Speaking of Ando, how big a horndog is this guy? Just last week he was all ga-ga over Hiro’s sister, and now he’s onto Hope.
  • More good work from Ali Larter as Niki/Jessica. She’s clearly having fun playing the bad side of her personality. I wonder, though, if both halves of her are able to physically manifest themselves, why was she surprised that Parkman could hear them talking?
  • Loved Micah’s line re: the family’s powers: "I just feel like we should be fighting crime or something."
  • "Somebody dies" appears to be NBC’s new whispered tagline for the show, a la "Save the cheerleader …," and I’m not liking it. If they keep repeating it without, you know, having someone die for more than one episode, it’s going to be awfully anti-climactic when someone actually does get the gate.
  • A Milo Ventimiglia-free episode also means a Christopher Eccleston-free episode. Boo to that.

Your thoughts on Heroes? Who’s dying? Jessica’s not really going to off Nathan, is she?

Posted by:Rick Porter