robertknepper heroes season4 290 'Heroes': Joseph was his brother Samuel's keeperTonight on “Heroes,” Sylar gets his body back. For like the thousandth time. And we find out what Samuel is up to.

The Petrellis & Matt
Angela told Nathan’s staff that he was on vacation, when in actuality Sylar was off on his little “carnival bender.” Meanwhile, she has sent Rene to wipe their memories, but Rene tells Peter what he’s there to do and sends Peter to a storage locker. He tells Peter to go alone, but naturally Nathan tags along.

In the storage unit, they find Nathan’s dead body and know Angela won’t tell them the truth, so they head for Matt Parkman, who is riddled with bullet holes in Texas. Peter heals him and Parkman spills the beans about Nathan being dead. Sylar then takes over Parkman’s body again and tries to lure Nathan close enough to touch him so that Sylar can take his body back. Nathan brushes Matt’s hand and now he’s Sylar and Matt is just some raving looney strapped to a hospital bed. Nathan takes Peter and flies for it.

Matt hijacks the clothes of a security guard and escapes, calling Janice and asking to come home. Meanwhile, Nathan is still Nathan but Sylar’s inside somewhere. Peter grabs his arm to take his powers. So does that mean he can only fly or he can do everything Sylar can do? Back at Nathan’s home, Nathan knows that his persona is just random thoughts now, in a mass murderers head. He says Pete will always see him as Sylar.

Tracy & Claire
Tracy is freezing things at random, she can’t control her powers. Claire tries to help her but ends up frozen herself. Tracy tries to drag her frozen body to the bathtub and ends up breaking her frozen foot off, which makes Tracy start crying. Of course, Claire heals herself and they have a good laugh. Admittedly, it’s pretty funny.

Later, they have girl bonding time, which is good since Tracy will probably be Claire’s step-mom by season’s end. Anyway, they find out they’ve both met Samuel and know about the Karn Evil. Tracy is considering joining the Karn Evil and Claire says maybe that’s what her body is telling her to do, with her power going all outta whack. When Noah comes home, he spies Claire’s severed foot on the table. Heh heh.

Later, Tracy meets Samuel and agrees to come to the Karn Evil.

Karn Evil
Samuel tells Hiro to go back eight weeks and save a film that Dr. Suresh destroyed before he died. If he can do it, Charlie will be saved.

Dr. Suresh, nine weeks ago
Dr. Suresh is back in India, going through his father’s stuff from Coyote Sands. His father has film about a pregnant woman giving birth and a rash of seismic activity. So Samuel was born at Coyote Sands. Interesting. Suresh realizes that his father figured out that if Samuel made the magic compass and surrounded himself with people with abilities, he could become ridiculously powerful. Which is what he did.

Suresh makes a magic compass of his very own and goes looking for Samuel but finds Joseph instead, who won’t let Suresh talk to Samuel because he’s keeping Samuel in the dark about his power because of how destructive it can be. Suresh leaves the Karn Evil and burns the film in his hotel room. Except not this time, because Hiro interrupts him and switches the film. Samuel comes to find out what was on the film and fires rock pellets at Suresh’s chest, which is presumably how he died. But this time, Hiro has put a bullet-proof vest on him and he is saved. Drat.

Hiro fills him in and tells Suresh to hide out for eight weeks because if Samuel knows he’s still alive, he won’t release Charlie. Suresh says no, so Hiro freezes him and takes him to Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital in Florida under an assumed name. Hiro returns to the Karn Evil with the film and Samuel says he’ll release Charlie soon.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Even though we all know who is dying, I was still bummed that Suresh didn’t bite it tonight.
  • I like Tracy and Claire together, they’re fun.
  • I’m really sick of this whole Nathan/Sylar thing. My god, just get rid of Nathan and do something interesting with Sylar.
  • Claire: I heal, I heal. It’s like, what I do.

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