adrianpasdar heroes 290 001 'Heroes' kills off Adrian Pasdar. Yeah, last seasonWe’ve been teased since early October about a major character death coming to NBC’s “Heroes,” and now reports are coming in that it’ll be… Adrian Pasdar‘s Nathan Petrelli.

The 23 of you who still watch will doubtless be scratching your heads and asking, “Didn’t they do that last season?”

Well… yes.

Nathan was killed at the end of season three during a fight against the power-sucking villain Sylar (Zachary Quinto). When Sylar was defeated, psychic cop Matt Parkman shoved Nathan’s memories and personality into the baddie’s head; so far this season, Sylar spent a bit of time thinking he was Nathan — and posing as him as well since he has that handy Mystique look like whoever he wants power at his disposal — but primarily has been searching for his true identity.

Nathan’s death was so apparently settled that we even brought up and then dismissed Nathan as a possibility when the rumor originally surfaced.

Still, both Deadline Hollywood and E! Online insist Nathan will be the character given the heave-ho this season. The news seems to indicate flesh-and-blood Sylar will be reunited with his original, evil personality — currently shoved into a corner of Parkman’s own psyche.

That’s kind of a shame; it’s been fun to see Sylar explore his potential, including the capacity to do good. Call us multi-layered, but the figuratively moustache-twirling Sylar got boring three seasons ago.

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