zacharyquinto heroes 290 'Heroes': Lydia inks Noah on her tattoo sleevesTonight on “Heroes,” Nathan is punished for a death his mom covered up, Sylar reemerges and Lydia the Tattooed Lady says Noah might be interested in their carnival.

Hiro & Ando
Ando and Kimika are getting married and Kimiko wants Hiro to give her away. Ando is dismayed when Hiro agrees because the wedding is a year away and Hiro might be dead by then. Hiro is still obsessed with Quantum Leaping around and putting right what once went wrong. What this means is Hiro spends the entire episode looping around between a roof-jumper who got fired for photocopying his butt. It makes Hiro realize that he can’t change the past necessarily but can change the present so he comes clean with Kimiko about his illness. And then vanishes.

Peter, Nathan & Angela
At the hospital, Nathan comes to talk to Peter about what’s been happening to him. He’s experiencing psychometrics, picking up an object and seeing the history of it. Nathan touched his old baseball cap and got the images of a girl named Kelly dying in a pool instead of running away like they always thought she did. Peter tells him to go talk to Kelly’s mom about what happened.

Peter goes to Kelly’s house and her mom is played by Swoozie Kurtz. Loved her since “Sisters.” Turns out Kelly’s mom Millie hasn’t heard from Kelly since she ran off.  Nathan wanders over to the pool and grasps a statue, which shows him drinking with Kelly by the pool. He then touches the diving board and sees her slip and crack her head on the side of the pool, bleeding into the water.

He goes to Angela about it and she says she “took care of it” and erased his memory via the Haitian. Nice. Nathan goes back to Millie and tells her what really happened. He also calls the police but chickens out on telling them what happened only to be stabbed in the neck, shot three times and dumped in a shallow grave.

Millie meets with Angela to find out the real story. The entire conversation is juxtaposed over Nathan’s attacker dumping Nathan’s body in the woods. The attacker then calls Millie to confirm that the “package is delivered.” When Nathan’s hand bursts out of the ground all Buffy Summers, he has morphed back into Sylar.

Tracy approaches the New York governor about rejoining politics. She asks for a bigger role in his administration and all he
does is put her in the “pretty girl” box and proposition her for sex.
She goes to the restroom and starts breaking down into water because
she’s upset but manages to pull herself together and walks out on the Governor.

Noah & Claire
Claire is worried about her dad because the Company’s gone and now he’s
all divorced and sad and living off take-out and Ramen noodles. Claire
is totally cute trying to find her father a job out of the newspaper
classifieds and coaching him through interview questions. He’s pretty
down on himself.

Later, Tracy comes to see him about how something is missing from her
life.  He says she has to figure out who she wants to be blahblahblah
romancecakes. Back at home, Noah pins up pictures on the wall of the magic compass and Edgar the Knife Carnie.

Karn Evil
Lydia shows Noah Bennett to Samuel on her tattooed back, saying that Noah may have changed his mind about being retired and/or interested in the Carnies. Nice tease.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I definitely want them to get rolling on the carnival plot rather than spend a whole episode with Hiro trying to save a butt-copying office drone. I mean, it was kinda funny but… meh.
  • Are Tracy and Noah going to run off and join the carnival together? Perhaps.
  • Claire’s big lesbo scene is next week. Set your TIVOs!
  • Nathan: Because every time there’s a secret buried some place I find you with a shovel behind your back.
    Angela: You should write Mother’s Day cards.
  • Hiro: Tadashi? You on the roof? I’ll be right there.
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