the forgotten 320 'Heroes,' 'Melrose Place,' 'The Forgotten': Bubbles you want to popIn Zap2it’s 2010 Bubblewatch polls, the shows in the “keep” column generated a range of support from overwhelming support (“Chuck,” “Human Target”) to tepid (“FlashForward”).

On the other side of the ledger? Not so much. The polls say you really, really want the likes of “Heroes,” “Accidentally on Purpose” and “The Forgotten” off your schedule.

Of the 11 shows you say should go, only the venerable “Law & Order” was even a close race. As of 1:30 p.m. ET Wednesday (April 7), 51 percent of the 6,300-plus voters say kill it, while 49 percent want it to break “Gunsmoke’s” TV-drama record and get a 21st season.

Aside from that, the closest margin was for “The New Adventures of Old Christine” on CBS, which was running 59-41 to the kill side, based on a little under 6,800 votes.

The polling for “Cold Case,” meanwhile, is still incredibly close. A couple hundred more people have voted since Tuesday’s post, yet the margin is almost exactly the same. As of 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, the kills remained ever so slightly ahead with 3,647 of 7,251 votes (50.3 percent) to 3,604 voting to keep it (49.7 percent).

Following are the results from the “kill” side of the poll, from the highest to lowest percentage of kill votes.

“The Forgotten”: 9,837 votes. Kill it: 8,053 (82 percent). Keep it: 1,784 (18 percent).

“Melrose Place”: 6,311 votes. Kill it: 5,109 (81 percent). Keep it: 1,202 (19 percent).

“Trauma”: 5,704 votes. Kill it: 4,570 (80 percent). Keep it: 1,134 (20 percent).

“Accidentally on Purpose”: 6,644 votes. Kill it: 5,103 (77 percent). Keep it: 1,541 (23 percent).

“Sons of Tucson”: 5,727 votes. Kill it: 4,401 (77 percent). Keep it: 1,326 (23 percent).

“Heroes”: 7,088 votes. Kill it: 5,420 (76 percent). Keep it: 1,668 (24 percent).

“Mercy”: 5,849 votes. Kill it: 4,273 (73 percent). Keep it: 1,576 (27 percent).

“Gary Unmarried”: 6,586 votes. Kill it: 4,754 (72 percent). Keep it: 1,832 (28 percent).

“Numb3rs”: 7,007 votes. Kill it: 4,196 (60 percent). Keep it: 2,811 (40 percent).

“The New Adventures of Old Christine”: 6,777 votes. Kill it: 4,016 (59 percent). Keep it: 2,761 (41 percent).

“Law & Order”: 6,317 votes. Kill it: 3,249 (51 percent). Keep it: 3,068 (49 percent).

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