Miloventimiglia_heroes_240_2 Well now. I think we’ll have plenty to talk about in the absence of Heroes for the next month and a half. (And it’s here that I would advise all y’all who haven’t seen Monday’s episode yet to look away, because there’s no getting around discussing what happened.)

I guess the issue we most need to concern ourselves with is this: What the heck is making Peter sick? And does whatever it is also cause the, uh, incident at the end of the episode?

Peter was exposed to multiple people with powers in the episode — Parkman, Claire, his brother — in fairly rapid succession, all while still recovering from his tangle with Sylar and his first rapid-healing experience. It would make sense that his body might eventually reject all the rapid changes he went through; Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman is now listed among the cast regulars, if you didn’t notice) theorized that Sylar would break down from absorbing other people’s powers, but it looks like Peter is instead.

(And really, if you haven’t seen the episode, I urge you once more to stop reading until you have. Seriously.)

And if so, maybe the explosion he sees — with himself as the cause — is his body’s ultimate rejection of others’ abilities (Milo Ventimiglia hinted in an interview earlier this fall that Peter might have trouble if he were in a room with other supers).

That said, I doubt the show would have featured Radioactive Man in two episodes just as a red herring — and I have my doubts that Peter is the real problem anyway. The fact that nearly all the other supers were in his vision — including Niki, D.L. and Micah, whom he’s never met — suggests it’s not a set-in-stone version of the future. But that’s going to be quite an emotional load for him to carry around.

Peter’s vision was obviously the big cliffhanger NBC was teasing, and kudos to the show for living up to the hype. But the episode also had a couple other big twists worthy of discussion. I’ll take the easier one first, the death of Eden.

I probably should’ve known, or at least had a good guess about, who was going to die by playing Pick the Guest Star, but until I heard Eden’s phone message to Mohinder, I didn’t have much of an inkling (which is a measure of how caught up I was in the episode as much as anything). Eden was foolish to think she could take Sylar out on her own, but her self-sacrifice when she knew she was beaten goes a way toward disproving her assertion that she’s a bad person. Yeah, she did end up letting Sylar loose, but at least she didn’t compound the problem by letting him get at her brain.

More interesting to me was the moment with Claire and the Haitian (he speaks!). After sending the mysterious one to wipe the memories of Zach and Claire’s brother, Mr. Bennet clearly wanted to make his daughter forget her power too. It would appear, though, that the Haitian has more in mind than just protecting Claire. That’ll be an interesting secret for Claire to try to pull off — will she just be really careful not to get hurt? And if Dad suspects something’s up, will he, I don’t know, hurl an iron at her head?

I’ve said all I need to say (for now), so it’s your turn: What do you make of Peter’s vision? What does the Haitian know that Mr. Bennet doesn’t? And has there been a better cliffhanger this season?

Posted by:Rick Porter