Robertknepper_prisonbreak_290 If you attended the “Heroes” session at Comic-Con, the news that Robert Knepper has been made a regular member of the cast might not be much of a surprise.

Knepper was on stage with the rest of the cast in San Diego, and he’s featured prominently in the trailer for season four. And, yes, he’s now a regular in the NBC show’s cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The former “Prison Break” star initially signed on for six episodes this season. His role grew, however, and Knepper has thus far appeared in every episode “Heroes” has filmed for the coming season.

Based on the trailer for season four (or, in the show’s parlance, “Volume Five: Redemption”), Knepper may be able to inject some new life into the show. His character, Samuel, leads a traveling carnival of people with powers, and he seems to have a Magneto-like charisma. Knepper doesn’t go as far over the top as he did with T-Bag on “Prison Break,” but it’s still tough to take your eyes off the guy.

Have a look for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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Posted by:Rick Porter