Hayden_panettiere_milo_ventimiglia Hayden Panettiere finally noticed that Milo Ventimiglia is like, really, really old (for her).

The "Heroes" costars — who started dating secretly in 2008 — have officially called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The mag cites a source who calls the break-up a "lifestyle conflict. They were in very different places."

Yeah, she’s in that hot 19-year-old girl place, and he’s in the serious 31-year-old guy place.

That’s 12 whole years of way different.

Adds the insider, "There are no hard feelings."

Really, bummer. ‘Cause that would have made watching "Heroes" way more interesting if it had ended all ugly.

The source tells Us that Hayden likes to "go out in the Hollywood scene" and that’s not Milo’s "style."

Yeah, and again, there’s that whole "He was born 12 years before her" thing.

And here’s proof: Milo Ventimiglia steps into the Celebrity Time Machine!

What do you think? Can a girl, 19, have a serious relationship with a man, 31? For long?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead