tabularasa073 'Heroes': Tabula RasaTonight on “Heroes,” the Karn Evil karnies bring old Sylar back, Peter gets healing powers and Hiro goes back to save Charlie. It unfortunately does not involve a plot where Giles and Anya think they are engaged.

Hiro & Emma
Hiro is in the hospital, dying from a brain tumor. Hiro thinks destiny sent him to Peter for a reason. Emma is upset by the cello in her apartment, thinking Peter sent it. He can’t talk to her because he has borrowed Hiro’s ability to travel through time and wants to find Hiro a cure. Emma settles down with Hiro to find out about having abilities.

She wants to make it stop but Hiro says she has to answer the call. To convince her, he signs up for the hospital talent show and drags her into it, making her “disappear” (freezing time so she can leave and all the kids think she has disappeared). While time is stopped, Emma touches the color lights from the children’s applause. Hiro tells her she needs to learn how to use her powers to do good things in the world.

Hiro is telling Emma about righting wrongs and he suddenly remembers Charlie. It’d be nice to save Charlie, but she’s too busy with “Glee.” Meanwhile, Emma sits down at the hospital piano to play a little ditty. The colors dance around her and Hiro listens from his room. He comes out to watch her play and she sees a crowd has gathered. She’s like a little pied piper. She tells Hiro to go back to bed and he blinks out of her time/space.

Peter & Noah
Peter shows up at Noah’s apartment, asking him to find a Healer to cure
Hiro. Noah says there is one named Jeremy Greer. He can’t bring you
back from the dead but he can save anyone who is still alive. Peter and
Noah head out to find Jeremy.

When they get to his house, everything is dead. Plants, animals, even
the air smells like death. They find his parents dead in their easy
chairs, like the life was simply sucked out of them. Jeremy fires on
them from upstairs. As Noah talks to him, Jeremy screams at him to stay
away. Jeremy says everything he touches ends up dead. He got mad at his
parents, he touched them and they died.

Jeremy goes to fire at Noah, just as Peter jumps into their time/space
and intercepts the shot. He crumples to the ground bleeding from a
massive chest wound and Noah yells at Jeremy to heal Peter, tells him
to focus. Jeremy heals him, so I guess it isn’t Peter who is kicking the bucket.

Peter steals Jeremy’s ability and leaves to heal Hiro, while Noah stays to help Jeremy.

Karn Evil
Lydia says there are two sides to Sylar and they are at war within him. I hope she means two sides to actual Sylar and not Sylar vs Nathan because Sylar is much more interesting if he’s conflicted rather than just juggling Nathan’s guilt.

Anyway, Sylar doesn’t remember that he’s Sylar. He tells Samuel that the police told him his name was Gabriel, but the first name that pops into his head is Nathan. Sigh. The memories that come back to Sylar are Nathan’s.

Samuel sends Sylar off with Lydia to get to know the place and she flirts with him. Edgar the Knife Guy is totally jealous and pees all over Lydia (and by pees, I mean he throws a knife at Sylar). They get into a skirmish and Sylar sends Edgar flying into a wheelbarrow of cement. Samuel gives Sylar over to Damien, who can restore Sylar’s memories. In the House of Mirrors, no less. Creepy.

In the House of Mirros, Damien’s eyes roll over white as he puts his thumbs on Sylar’s forehead. Sylar then sees his mom in the mirrors. He sees himself stabbing her. He sees visions of all his murders and starts freaking the eff out. Samuel says he should embrace the carnival community, who loves him, and use his gifts to protect their “family.” Meanwhile, Samuel has invited Captain Sullivan (Ghostbuster Winston Cop) to come to the carnival and tells Sylar “something has to be done” about him. Is that what “family” does, Samuel?

Sylar follows Sullivan into the House of Mirrors. Sullivan draws a gun but Sylar tries to warn him that he needs to leave. He then accidentally fries Sullivan with Elle’s power, which seems to bring back the real Sylar for a second. But he stops himself before he hurts Sullivan for real and in that moment, Edgar jumps in and slices Sullivan up.

Apparently this brings back the old Sylar? I’m not sure how we went from Sylar hesitating and Edgar being evil to Sylar getting baptized by Samuel. It’s no Stephen Baldwin baptizing Spencer Pratt, but here we are. Edgar and Samuel congratulate themselves on bringing back Sylar, but Edgar is pissed to see Lydia taking Sylar back to her trailer.  Do you suppose her mood music is side two of The Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You?

Right at the end, Hiro is back in Texas at Charlie’s diner. Of course, we only see her red hair from the back. Is Jayme Mays going to guest-star? I haven’t heard anything about it.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Really boring episode, I thought. The Karn Evil stuff was the best part and even that was pretty meh. 
  • My boyfriend, who only got into “Heroes” since we started dating about 10 months ago, remarked at the end when Samuel and Edgar were congratulating themselves about bringing Sylar back that “Old Sylar would’ve wiped that whole carnival out stealing powers. That’s a lot of different powers in one place.” I agree, boyfriend.
  • I’m excited for the Sorority Hell Week plot in the previews for next week.

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