Adrianpasdar3_heroes_s1_240Allow me to partially take back what I said about last week’s Heroes being merely a moving-the-pieces-around-the-board episode. I still feel that way to some extent, but after watching Monday’s highly charged episode, what happened last time takes on a little more weight.

(Spoilers ahoy and all that.)

There was much coolness to be had in "Landslide," from another great bit of cross-cutting while Nathan makes a speech (a la the future episode of two weeks back) to Hiro’s dad channeling Mr. Miyagi to the good cop-bad cop mojo of Parkman and HRG. Let’s take things one at a time.

Someone’s gonna blow: Apparently Sylar has gotten over his moral qualms about killing the non-superpowered, as he seems totally psyched about his new ability to level a city. His de-braining of Ted Sprague — after diming him to the FBI (welcome back, Clea Duvall) and waiting to overturn the van carrying him — now narrows to two the potential human bombs. It also looks like both Sylar and Peter, who absorbed Ted’s power at the top of the episode, can control their explosive urges, though Peter really has to concentrate on it. So how’s it going to go down? Especially in light of …

Heartless Hiro: Our favorite time-stopping cubicle slave learns his father has known of his abilities all along, that Mr. Nakamura used to be allied with other supers "who fought to save the world … until some lost their way" and that it’s not about the sword. Hiro also dropped some pretty cool backstory about the legend of Takezo Kensei, his favorite childhood story, and how it relates to his current state of mind: "To save what is most important, I have to cut out my own heart."

Villain!: Hiro also runs into Nathan, who says he’s unable (or unwilling?) to help Hiro stop the bomb, prompting Hiro to shout "Villain!" at the soon-to-be congressman. Nathan still seems a little conflicted about his role in what’s to come, but his ambition is overwhelming his conscience. Especially when it comes to …

Linderman: The episode brought forth a whole lot of information from and about Linderman, who also died (I think) a truly spectacular death at the hands of D.L. First, he tells Nathan that his dad had powers too (something that’s been hinted at before), but he "just gave up" when he couldn’t save the world. Then he passed his healing gift onto Nathan’s wife Heidi, who’s no longer wheelchair-bound (a fact Nathan chose to hide until after the election).

And then, man, the sequence with Linderman, D.L. and Jessica/Niki was pretty much a knockout. Jessica switching with Niki at will, D.L. keeping himself solid to take a bullet for his wife, and then summoning just enough to phase right into the back of Linderman’s brain — yowza. The question now is: Does Linderman’s healing ability apply to himself, or just the things he touches? If this is the end of D.L., he, like Isaac, died a noble death.

The security system: Suresh’s blood is curing little Molly of her virus, allowing her to regain her ability to pinpoint anyone else with a power. It’s unclear if Parkman recognizes the girl he saved, but HRG’s zeal to give Claire a "normal" life has blinded him to the fact that he’s about to take an innocent life in an attempt to protect his daughter. Judging by the scenes from next week, HRG won’t pull the trigger, but that he was even contemplating such an act shows he’s gone a little around the bend in his attempt to make up for what he’s put Claire through.

Your thoughts on the build-up to next week’s finale? How do you see it shaking out, and where does Heroes go after that?

Posted by:Rick Porter