jeremy 'Heroes': The Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaTonight on “Heroes,” some creepy redneck sheriffs do a Vicky Lawrence number on Jeremy the Healer.

Noah, Jeremy & Tracy

Noah is still in Georgia, where Jeremy has been arrested for killing his parents. The local sheriff is all “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” and wants to lock Jeremy up and throw away the key. So Noah calls Tracy for help. Woo woo. She pretends to be Jeremy’s aunt and gets him to trust her.

The redneck cliche of a sheriff’s deputy is still being a jerk about holding Jeremy. Samuel shows up and transports Tracy to the Karn Evil, showing her their “home” and trying to convince her it’s a good place for Jeremy. Samuel gives her a magic compass so that she can find her way back if she needs to.  Also, Sylar (dressed in a kicky sailors outfit) sees Tracy and remembers her (from Nathan’s memories).

When Tracy gets back, Noah has set up a residence in Washington DC for Jeremy near where he lives. Tracy is going to help him control his abilities and he’ll attend a regular old high school. Of course, when they perp-walk him out of the Sheriff’s station, a man lunges for Jeremy and Jeremy sucks the life out of him and is too scared to heal him. Jeremy walks back into the cop shop, where a deputy and a creepy redneck guy take him out back, chain him to a truck and drag his body. Oh my god, show.

Later, Tracy and Noah find his dragged body in the street. Tracy cries. She tells Noah to never call her again, but I predict they hook up during November sweeps. Tracy contemplates her magic compass thoughtfully.

The next day, Samuel comes to the town, eyes the bloodstain left from Jeremy’s body and then levels the sheriff’s station. Can’t say I’m terribly disappointed.

Claire & Gretchen

Things are a tad awk-ward after the whole smooch. Gretchen apologizes and Claire says she doesn’t want to mess up her new ordinary life, but she hesitates when asked if she only thinks of Gretchen as a friend. That’s right, Claire. Go LUG. (Lesbian Until Graduation).

The Psi Alpha Chi sisters show up to kidnap them. I remember doing stuff like that, it was really fun. Of course, our sisters kidnapped us and took us out to breakfast. This isn’t quiiiite the same thing. They throw Claire and Gretchen into the trunk of a car, which is all sexy and dark and sparks some “I don’t knows” from Claire in regards to how she feels about Gretchen. Woo woo.

The Psi Alpha sisters take them to a Screamin’ Scavenger hunt. Whichever team finds the “treasure” first gets to sit out Hell Week. We didn’t have a Hell Week in my sorority, but I’ve heard stories and that goldfish crack is not hyperbole.

The girls have been taken to a slaughterhouse and have to solve all these puzzles to get out. Except Rebecca is following Gretchen and Claire and has it in for Gretchen. Gretchen thinks it’s hazing, but Claire is suspicious. When Rebecca attacks them again, Claire fights Invisi-Girl and clashes her with a meathook, making her visible, just as the other two pledges get there. They see Rebecca turn back invisible and they see Claire get down from being impaled on a spike and heal herself. Maybe Claire can have a Scooby Gang now!

Matt Parkman

We join Matt and Janice getting freaky-deaky in front of a roaring
fire, but Sylar takes over and Matt wakes up after it’s over. Bummer. Matt decides he has to leave so that he can find out how to get Sylar out of his head. He calls Mohinder. Damn, I thought we were rid of that guy! Matt starts drinking beer and figures out that drinking weakens Sylar’s presence in his head. Well, that’s an interesting PSA. “Stop the demons in your head with alcohol.”

So Matt gets all drunk on tequila and Sylar just lazes around, powerless.  Eventually Matt drinks enough that Sylar just fades away. Of course, at that moment his wife and his sponsor come home and find him three sheets to the wind. When he wakes up, he thanks his sponsor and agrees to start over. And now that he’s not drunk anymore, Sylar is back. And he didn’t just come back in Matt’s mind, he stole Matt’s body when Matt blacked out. So now Matt is the vision and Sylar is Matt Parkman.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Really crazy storyline with Jeremy, very effective.
  • Matt: You can’t control me, you’ve never been able to do that.
    Sylar: Well, I had a compelling reason. Let’s face it, your wife is kinda hot.
    Matt: Enough!
    Sylar: That is the second Parkman I made scream today. If you want I can give you some pointers later.
  • Rebecca: Geez Claire, you don’t have go all Buffy on us. We’re just kidnapping you.

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