andrewconnolly 290 'Heroes' villain gets a big brotherWe’ll learn a little about what makes Robert Knepper’s character Samuel Sullivan tick this season on “Heroes.” Maybe he experienced one too many noogies at home.

Andrew Connolly has been cast to play Samuel Sullivan’s older brother, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Samuel is the charismatic leader of a group of carnival people who exhibit special powers and wants them to come out of hiding from their sideshow cover. His special power is the ability to move the earth (dirt that is, not Earth) around him.

Connolly will appear in a multi-episode arc. There’s no word if he too will exhibit special powers, but it does seem to run in the family on this show.

Connolly last had a small guest role playing a different type of brother, Brother Campbell, on an episode of “Lost.”

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen