Kiefersutherland2_24_s6_240_4Well, they can’t all have bombs going off, can they? Sometimes even terrorists and government agents need a little time to relax, regroup and chill out. Monday (Jan. 29) night’s episode of 24 was as peaceful and serene as the adrenaline-charged series has ever gotten. It was neither good, nor bad, just forgettable and uneventful.

Perhaps the characters were dealing with low blood-sugar in the 11-12 a.m. hour? I know I usually get a little sluggish before lunch. Maybe that’s why most of the episode was dedicated to people slowly strolling around a detention facility yard whispering, people milling around computers at CTU whispering and people sitting around the presidential bunker pointing at charts and whispering. And if the FOX promo department hadn’t repeatedly promised me the season’s biggest surprise, I might have been content with this wheel-spinning.

Jamescromwell_24_s6_240The entrance of Jack Bauer’s dad Phillip at 9:52 obviously wasn’t the "biggest shock of the year" promised by the FOX marketers in seemingly endless ads. Far from seeming like the anticipated megalomaniacal businessman, Daddy Bauer came across as exactly the kind of relatively kindly, relatively clueless old guy who would enter a pig in a sheep-dog competition.

So does that mean the big shock was that Jack’s Evil Brother Graem was evil? Ummm… We knew that. We watched the show last season when he was evil. Did we think that adding him to Super Jack’s family tree would just make him misunderstood?

Annoyance with the FOX promo department, particularly when it comes to spoiling the end of upcoming episodes of 24, is nothing new, but this week’s lie was especially audacious, wasn’t it? They managed to ruin the surprise of James Cromwell’s arrival and then set viewers up for something bigger without delivering.

Other quick thoughts on this week’s episode:

  • Poor Walid. That’s a lot of abuse to take for nothing.
  • Where did Chad Lowe come from and is he just going to be Peter MacNicol’s lackey? And what is Peter MacNicol’s position in President Palmer’s Brother President Palmer’s staff that he can demand the resignation of a National security advisor?
  • Marisolnichols_24_s6_240_1Anybody else think that the producers are pulling the ol’ double-reverse with Nadia (Marisol Nichols)? We’re supposed to think it’s evil of the government to profile her for being Middle Eastern so that we won’t suspect she’s actually evil?
  • Milo: Defender of Personal Freedoms makes me giggle.
  • Graem’s badness wasn’t shocking, but he still got off a few good insults directed at Jack including, "Protecting family is everything and I think your dead wife would agree."
  • Need. More. Chloe.

    What were your thoughts? Hugely shocked by anything in tonight’s episode?

  • Posted by:Daniel Fienberg