" fanatics! I'm back for season 11 and more than ready to kick one of these jokers out of the house. How about you?

First, though, a recap: the houseguests were divided into high school cliques; Jesse won HOH and an alliance quickly formed between the athletes and the brains; Jesse nominated Lydia and Chima; Ronnie played way too hard; Russell won POV and took Lydia off the block, Jesse put Braden up in her place.

Julie welcomes us, looking lovely in a red belted dress. We can finally see her baby bump! We go immediately to the post-veto reactions. Braden is completely confused at his nomination, so he obviously hasn't been paying attention to Lydia's desperate attempts to suck up to the boys in the athletes clique. Jeff realizes them putting Braden up was actually a shot at him, since they are aligned and Jessie can't put Jeff up this week. Jordan cries because people are turning against each other. Apparently she thought she was auditioning for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" or something. Lydia is upset because Jordan cried when Braden was nominated but didn't cry when she was nominated. This makes her determine that she and Jordan were never actually friends. Or something. I cannot follow such idiotic logic, so I do not even try.

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler