design star winner danielle brittany HGTV 'Design Star' winner: Did Danielle Colding or Britany Simon win Season 7?Two very capable, very personable, very talented ladies were left standing in the latest season of HGTV’s “Design Star.” Danielle Colding and Britany Simon both created strong pilots for the finale, but which one impressed judges Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and host/mentor David Bromstad the most? The winner is …


Ultimately, Danielle’s “Shop This Room” impressed the judges enough to order a new series, starting in August.

Her pilot showed her putting together a creative, inspiring space for a young artistic family. Her perky attitude was evident and a pleasure to watch. As Genevieve said in her criticism, “You just seemed like this effortless communicator. You brought the viewer into your design.”

Brittany’s “Picture Perfect Spaces” brought together a funky, personalized living room and dining room for her clients, complete with very sweet photos of their little boy. Genevieve loved her confidence, and Vern loved the fact that she created a design suited for TV. But David’s favorite part was the interaction she had with the homeowners. “By far your best work to date,” he said.

The eliminated contestants and the judges all had nice things to say about both women, but Danielle emerged the victor. She seemed shocked and excited at her win, saying in a confessional after, “Did they really just call my name?”

The experience on the show was just as important as ultimately winning, she says. “I came here expecting to find myself again,” she says of her journey on the show. Apparently she did!

Did the right designer win? Who would you have picked?

Posted by:Jean Bentley