, but a lot of tonight’s screen time was devoted to behind the scenes drama rather than the actual challenges. While this often makes reality shows more interesting, in this case it just brought back bad high school memories.

Their first challenge is to do karaoke to "Get Your Head in the Game"…in four languages. Everyone freaks out. We are treated to performances by foreign pop singers (from Pakistan, Turkey, and Mexico–their presence seems entirely pointless, especially given how difficult it must have been to obtain their visas), and then the contestants have to give it a shot. Basically, whatever language pops up on the machine, they have to sing.

It’s seriously tough–you have to know the song really well to even know where you’re supposed to be, let alone sing the words. I can’t really say who’s better or worse, because they’re all terrible at times due to the difficulty of the task, and they all have their good moments once they’re used to the insanity.

Over in the chorus, our eliminated friends are working on acting exercises. It’s a little boring. Briana stands out as the best actor there, not that it matters. When they’re all together again, Isaiah and Shayna have a side conversation about chorus vs. regular competition, and specifically Anthony and his lack of well-roundedness. Briana, for her part, complains to Anthony and Bailey about Shayna’s fakeness and arrogant attitude–they’re all in agreement. Ugh, I had my fill of catty high schoolers when I was in high school, thankyouverymuch. Though to be fair, I guess they’re no cattier than other reality show contestants.

In a rap session with Nick Lachey, T.J. (with Anthony’s permission) mentions that Anthony has issues with Shayna, and Anthony says that Shayna seems too focused on getting attention. Shayna feels blindsided, and rightfully so. Dude, she’s not perfect, but say it to her before you say it in front of everyone. That said, again, no different than any other reality show. Later, Shayna gets really upset at the thought that everyone doesn’t looove her. On the one hand, I can sympathize. On the other hand, get over yourself! Shayna doesn’t want to talk to him, does want to talk to him, and is basically freaking out and crying. Nothing is resolved. 

Their main challenge this week is to work as a group to sing "It’s All Been Done" and "Welcome to my Life" ("comedic" and dramatic, respectively), and, again, to roll with the punches. Christina and Stan get the lead parts, and Bailey worries that she doesn’t know the songs. The faculty set up an acting exercise in which they split into pairs and compliment each other.

Stan tells Christina that she seems like someone he could fall in love with (to Shayna’s dismay), and Christina says that he seems like "a really good friend." Snap! And Isaiah is all "Tierney and I developed an excellent connection" nudgenudgewinkwink, and Tierney’s like "I totally don’t see him that way, but that’s what acting’s for when we get on the stage!" Hilarious. The compliments are all generally really sweet, and the exercise goes well.

Before the performance, the contestants worry that they aren’t quite prepared. And…hmm. During the songs, their voices seem modulated, like they’re being slightly altered (Party Posse-style), more so than usual. Anyone else hear that? Maybe just bad sound, but I’m thinking not. And okay, how much did I not miss "It’s All Been Done"? Couldn’t they have done "One Week"? This song seemed weaker as a whole to me, performance-wise, but it’s tougher to inject feeling into a Barenaked Ladies song, I guess, and it just didn’t show off their vocals as much. And wait, how was this "rolling with the punches"? I thought the music was going to cut out in the middle, or the scenery was going to fall apart, or something. Step it up, Disney!

At any rate, the judges praise T.J., Christina, and Isaiah for their connection to their roles, but feel like Bailey was just singing it rather than truly feeling it. They think Stan didn’t step up to the plate, and were also disappointed in Shayna and James. Tierney was great, as usual. The faculty feels that Tierney best rolled with the punches (fair enough, I guess…she’s always pretty good). Bailey and Shayna, however, will be moving to the chorus. I can’t say I disagree with that based on tonight’s performance, though in general I’d say that Shayna has been better than some of the folks who are still in it.

Do you think Shayna deserved to be eliminated? How do you feel about all the drama? 

Posted by:Liz Pardue