janel parrish high school possession lifetime 'High School Possession' gets 'crazy and dark,' says star Janel ParrishYou certainly know Janel Parrish from “Pretty Little Liars” and the current season of “Dancing With the Stars,” but the versatile actress is also starring in “High School Possession” on Lifetime. Parrish tells Zap2it that filming something scary is always a lot of fun for her.

“I always want to do something scary, it’s so fun,” says Parrish. “I
love horror films. Not that ‘High School Possession’ is a horror film,
it’s more of a psychological thriller, but I really like the scary
elements to the movie.”

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The film features Parrish as Lauren, a girl who “suspects that something is very wrong with her best friend Chloe,” so she enlists the help of a mysterious religious group called The Chosen.

“In getting to know Olivia, who is the leader of The Chosen, Lauren
starts to wonder if her best friend is possessed. She’ll do anything to
help her, even if that means possibly an exorcism. Things get crazy and
dark pretty quickly,” says Parrish, adding that the town reverend “might have a darker side that Lauren uncovers.”

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Parrish, who names “The Shining” and “The Conjuring” as her favorite
scary movies, says she’s delighted that “High School Possession” is airing just in time for Halloween.

“I love Halloween. My birthday is the day before it, so I really
enjoy having my birthday and having a Halloween party right after.
Growing up, I was always a cat from the musical ‘Cats.’ I would do
really elaborate hair and makeup for that,” says Parrish, adding, “This year I’m actually a cat again, but not from the musical ‘Cats.’ I’m a ‘Mean Girls’ cat.”

“High School Possession” premieres Saturday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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