The “High Society” cast really isn’t that odd. They’re just like us — or at least like people we know that annoy us.

For example, we see that these uppercrust peeps are just as irritating as our own friends or at least the people we have to put up with for the sake of our family.

In this clip, we see Tinsley Mortimer’s sister Dabney Mercer trying to deal with the evil Jules.

See? Annoying. But aren’t there tiresome people in our own lives that bother us?

Speaking of …

Tinsley herself is a drear fest. Sadly, we know plenty of people like that. Enough crying already! We don’t want her to be suffering all the time, but yeah, we’d prefer we don’t get sucked into this vortex of misery:

We’ve saved the best for last. Paul’s mom is a winner, and frankly, should be the star of this show. Her fantasy about her son is priceless and makes us a bit verklempt thinking of our own dear, deluded ‘rents.

Anderson Cooper? Everyone, including NeNe, should be so lucky.

“High Society” premieres Wednesday, March 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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