hilary swank yellow gi Hilary Swank's PR company drops her over Chechnya mishapHilary Swank came under fire last month for attending a party with Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, given the accusations that he has engaged in “torturing dissidents, killing political opponents, and encouraging citizens to abuse women who dress immodestly.” She was paid $1.5 million to attend, and did so against the suggestion of the HRC, which says they wrote her a letter urging her not to go.

After the public outcry over her birthday wishes to Kadyrov, Swank fired her manager and two CAA agents, who she felt should have stopped her from attending the event, reports the Atlantic Wire.

Now, her PR company, 42West, has dropped her. A source cites “a disagreement on how best to deal with the fallout from the Oct. 5 event” as the reason for the split.

Swank says she wouldn’t have attended had she understood the implications.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie