hillary clinton miniseries nbc Hillary Clinton miniseries at NBC might not happen after all

The Hillary Clinton miniseries “Hillary” that’s caused NBC quite a headache recently might not actually happen after all. The announcement of the series at the TCA summer press tour led to NBC News political director Chuck Todd claiming it’s “a total nightmare for NBC News,” and the GOP pulling debates from the network.

Now NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt is backpedaling, saying that these comments and actions are entirely premature. After all, as he notes, the miniseries hasn’t actually been ordered to production.

“The Hillary Clinton movie has not been ordered to production, only a script is being written at this time,” he says in a statement. “It is ‘in development,’ the first stage of any television series or movie, many of which never go to production. Speculation, demands, and declarations pertaining to something that isn’t created or produced yet seem premature.”

The confusion of the status of the series likely stems from Greenblatt’s confidence when talking about the project at TCA. The Clinton miniseries already stars Diane Lane as the former first lady, and Greenblatt’s pitch of the project seemed fully formed at the time. The script was written by “Frozen River’s” Courtney Hunt,” and follows the former first lady, senator and Secretary of State’s life from 1998 — around the time her husband, President Bill Clinton, was impeached — to the present.

“We need to be in the event business,” Greenblatt said at the time. It will be interesting to see if NBC actually does move forward with “Hillary.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz