hillary clinton 60 minutes Hillary Clinton plays coy about 2016 presidential ambitions

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are parting ways now that John Kerry is coming in as Secretary of State, but that hasn’t stopped many from speculating that Clinton had more to do in politics. Clinton ran against Obama in the 2008 presidential election, and some feel that she would be a good candidate to run in 2016.

The President of the United States and his departing Secretary of State sat down with “60 Minutes” recently and Obama explained why he insisted on them holding a joint interview. “I just wanted to say thank you,” he said. “I think Hillary will go down as one of the finest Secretary of States we’ve had. It has been a great collaboration over the last four years. I’m going to miss her; I wish she was sticking around.”

Clinton says her health is “great” and that she is looking forward to “being at full speed.” When talk naturally turned to her expected 2016 campaign, Obama quipped, “You guys in the press are incorrigible. I was literally inaugurated four days ago, and you’re talking about the elections four years from now.”

For her part, Clinton said, “Obviously the president and I care deeply about what’s going to happen for our country in the future. And I don’t think, you know, either he or I can make predictions about what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next year.” Good dodge, Clinton, good dodge.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz