texts from hillary clinton sunglasses Hillary Clinton wins everything: Submits to 'Texts from Hillary Clinton'Where can we vote for Hillary Clinton as President of the Internet?

Last week, we spotlighted the hilarious Tumblr “Texts From Hillary Clinton.” Using a TIME photo of Clinton aboard a C-17, focused on her cell phone, the blog owners imagined various texts people could be receiving from the Secretary of State.

For example, when Meryl Streep texts “Brunch?” Hillz replies, “Obviously.” When new owner of Instagram and Gap t-shirt addict Mark Zuckerberg texts “Guess what I just bought!” Hillz sends back, “A shirt with a big boy collar?”

Basically, blog owners Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe have imagined Clinton as the coolest person ever. They cooked up the idea while having drinks at a DC gay bar, and the internet meme blew up so quickly that less than a week later, the Secretary of State’s staff had contacted them. They liked the blog and Hillary Clinton wanted to meet them.

They visited her on Monday, and even took a photo with her — complete with their phones, and, naturally, her sunglasses. She sent over her own submission to the site, signing a printed copy for them (below).

You’ve got to love a politician with a sense of humor about herself.

texts from hillary clinton  Hillary Clinton wins everything: Submits to 'Texts from Hillary Clinton'

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie