Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night was all about Democratic party unity.

But for her historic speech to unite the party and guarantee support for Sen. Barack Obama, she chose an orange pantsuit over red, blue or lilac versions, all of which were seen on NBC news when they were held up to be color-tested hours before she before she stepped onstage.

Picking the orange outfit could have meant that it simply looked better against the blue background. She’s worn orange several times this year, so perhaps it was more flattering to HIllary’s hair and skin tones.

But there might be another reason. Does picking orange over blue or lilac, which would have coordinated with Michelle Obama’s teal blue dress worn Tuesday night, have a deeper meaning?

Subliminally, to some observers it means that Hillary Clinton is maintaining her political individuality, not following the color code set by the Obama camp.

On the surface, it may sound silly. But small things, like the color of a pantsuit, can telegraph big political messages.

So though her speech was all about party unity, HIllary remains very formidable and individual. And she still wants to be president one day, which might be easier if the Republicans are defeated by Barack Obama this year.

What do you think? Hillary did a good job of verbally uniting the party over the issues of jobs, budget, the Iraq war, alternative fuel and healthcare.

But what did that orange pantsuit mean to you?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead