Morenabaccarin_serenitypr_240 I’m sure that there was a plot to this week’s How I Met Your Mother beyond the touching story of how Barney became Swarley, but it hardly matters.

Have you met Swarley? You have now.

Barney’s new appellation comes from a strange misinterpretation courtesy of Chloe, the barista at a local coffee house where the HIMYM men decide to hang out as an alternative to the bar (and as a pointed nod, we presume, to the critics from the first season who never tired of comparing the comedy to Friends) Barney’s name on beverage cup. But Chloe does more than just inadvertently coin a new game to turn Barney’s face red. She also writes little hearts on Marshall’s cups and laughs at his pumpkin jokes, which leads him to guess — correctly — that she likes him. Unfortunately, she has Crazy Eyes, according Ted and Swarley (the best butchered sitcom name since Chanandler Bong).

Many viewers probably won’t care about those Crazy Eyes, though, because Chloe was played by Morena Baccarin, everybody’s favorite Space Hooker from her days on Firefly. This is a big week for Firefly vets, with Nate Fillion dropping by Lost and Gina Torres continuing to waste her time and talent on Standoff.

The rest of the episode was only so-so, since it over-relied on that HIMYM standard of telling the story one way and then giving an alternative perspective (in this case Lily’s) after the break. Not all stories are required to be fragmented and reinterpreted, are they? But it ended happily, or romantically, for everybody but Swarley. Poor Swarley.

Other episode highlights:

  • Eagle-eyed viewers caught the Nobody’s Watching guys in the background during one of the bar scenes. I, myself, am not such an eagle-eyed viewer. Thankfully, I work with several. Huzzah!
  • Males recognize Crazy Eyes in women just like women recognize Jerk Nails in guys. I agree on the Crazy Eyes part, but is the Jerk Nails angle true, ladies?
  • I’m holding "Wine Tasting Slash Help Me Catch the Rat In My Apartment party" this weekend. Keep an eye out for the Evite.
  • Nicknames for Swarley: Swarles, Swarlie, Swarles Barkley, Swarlos (on his subscription to People En Espanol).
  • Since when is knowing all of the lyrics to "We Didn’t Start the Fire" a sign of crazy? Just curious.
  • The closing tag complete with Cheers theme and font was cute.
  • Thoughts on the episode? Do we figure having Marshall and Lily back together is a good idea? And will "Swarley" be mentioned again this season or was it a one-off?

    Posted by:Daniel Fienberg