jennifer morrison himym 'HIMYM' recurring guest Jennifer Morrison 'would love to be' the mother

With talk of rich TV mythology typically limited to sci-fi fare like “Lost” or “Fringe,” “How I Met Your Mother” is frequently overlooked as one of the more rewarding and well-crafted serial mysteries on television.

And as much as fans have been given plenty of clues about the identity of the mother throughout the series’ 6 seasons, the truth of the matter is that she could be anyone. So just because Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) is currently Ted’s (Josh Radnor) on-screen nemesis, don’t count her out of the running for the big reveal just yet.

Zap2it spoke with Morrison on the “HIMYM” set, filming her fourth appearance on the series, and though she clearly is just as in the dark as the rest of us about her character’s future, she wouldn’t mind filling the show’s titular shoes.
“I would love to be,” she tells us, “but who knows?”

She certainly feels the chemistry is there. “Josh and I have talked about this. It feels like those old movies, those old comedies where they start out in conflict and suddenly it turns into love,” Morrison says, channeling her best Katharine Hepburn. “You’ll see those layers get peeled away and they end up being interested in each other.”

Yes, she said love. And it might bloom sooner than you think.
“We find out a lot about me the next episode that airs [‘Natural History’],” she says of Zoey and Ted’s tempering rivalry. “It’s really only an episode and a half of being in pure conflict.”

As for her commitment to the show, Morrison isn’t positive about how long her character will be sticking around, but she’s been told 10 to 13 episodes. That sounds like it should carry her through the rest of the season. And it’s certainly a longer stint than any non-Robin love interest has ever done (Sarah Chalke‘s Stella was in nine episodes).

You can check out her third appearance, in which we meet Zoey’s husband, “The Captain” (Kyle MacLachlan) on Monday, Nov. 8. And come back here afterwards from more of Morrison’s thoughts on the episode’s Zoey/Ted developments.

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