Laura Ramsey Hindsight Season 1 finaleThe “Hindsight” Season 1 finale left nearly every character in a state of flux, and there is no word yet on whether fans will be lucky enough to get a Season 2. But keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime, executive producer Emily Fox dissects the finale for Zap2it and talks about what fans can look forward to if the show gets renewed.

UPDATE: Rejoice, fans! VH1 officially announced “Hindsight” will be getting a Season 2 on Monday (March 16). OK, everyone good now? Read on.

On the cliffhanger:

“I can’t tell you [where Becca is],” says Fox with a laugh. “I would very much like to. But suffice to say — we know. We have always had a grand design and if we are fortunate enough to have a second season, we will definitely explain it. This was never meant to be sewn up [in Season 1].”

Fox goes on to say that she loves the different theories on Xavier and even though he hasn’t been on the show for a while, he will definitely be explored in Season 2. “What I can say is that Xavier is a very significant character in the overall mythology of the show,” says Fox. “In the event that we do have a Season 2, more light will be shed on that character and what his purpose is in all of this.”

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On Lolly and Becca’s friendship:

“Lolly’s assertion that Becca is culpable for this future crime, if you will, it’s very hard to argue with because if Lolly believes Becca — as she does — then Lolly also believes that Becca’s alternate timeline did take place in some alternate universe and Becca’a still responsible for that,” says Fox. “She’s going to be put on trial for that, from Lolly’s perspective. That’s the great tragic twist at the end of the season. The finale takes a long, hard look of the consequence of [Becca’s] decisions and where it has brought her and what is this new crossroads where she finds herself.”

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On Jamie’s implosion and possible suicidal thoughts:

“You have to hit rock bottom in order to come back up again,” says Fox. “It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him to entertain suicidal thoughts, but sometimes when you do hit rock bottom, that’s the moment you start to climb back up.

“Jamie is definitely an extremist, but he is also cognizant of it in perhaps a way he wasn’t in the original timeline. The act of confessing [to his father] does, in a way, set him free. Jamie’s words to Lolly are ominous, but him telling her loves her and her saying it back — that’s a watershed moment for them. Him talking to her is something he would never have been able to do before. She’s rattled by it, but she also knows in her bones that he has to deal with whatever he needs to deal with. Lolly can’t help him.”

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