Masioka6_heroes_s1_240Heroes certainly isn’t being shy about its influences these past couple weeks, huh? After last week’s seemingly Watchmen-influenced episode comes a show that owes a heavy debt to the legendary X-Men story "Days of Future Past." (And, in fact, Masi Oka acknowledged as much in an interview last month.)

It was a jam-packed episode, so much so that it could probably have benefited from being longer than it was (surely Ashton Kutcher and Co. could have edited down this week’s Real Wedding Crashers to a half-hour?). The pace, particularly with all the exposition about how this version of the future came to be, was almost too quick.

Big, fat spoilers coming right up, so leave now if you haven’t watched.

Here’s my main question now: If, in fact, it’s not Sylar who explodes and levels New York but Peter, how will killing Sylar stop the bomb? We’ve never previously seen Isaac’s art be wrong about the future, so I’m very, very curious to see how the final three episodes deal with that issue. Perhaps Hiro’s killing Sylar prevents some other event that causes Peter to blow up — your thoughts, folks?

Here’s another, nitpickier question: In an early episode we saw Sylar regenerate, or at least appear to, after Parkman shot him. Unless he did something else — e.g., stop the bullet with his telekinesis and only fake going down — why would he need Claire’s power?

Additionally, early in the episode, Future Hiro notes that he stabbed Sylar (at some point in the past, presumably), but Sylar regenerated. As we don’t seem him, in disguise as President Nathan, slice open Claire’s head till well after Future Hiro says that, how’d that happen?

Zacharyquinto_heroes_s1_240Enough of the space-time analysis, though, for there was much that was good in this episode as well: HRG (who, didja notice, was wearing what looked like rimless glasses) working both sides of the round-up-the-mutants fence, helping "harmless" people go underground but tipping off Homeland Security guy Parkman to the "dangerous" ones. Future Hiro’s darkness, and Ando’s crucial pep talk to Present Hiro that allows the two to blink back into the present.

President Nathan/Sylar (gotta say, that was quite the jaw-dropper) also really intrigued me with his moral equivocating. He tells Peter that when he killed the real Nathan, the elder Petrelli "had already turned against his own people" — and yet he’s advocating the genocide of his own kind, so that he’ll become, as he’s always wanted, "the most special person in the world."

Even Suresh stepped up, offing the Future Haitian so that Present Hiro and Ando could get back to their own time. It’s hinted that Parkman’s kid is special too, in his offhand comment to HRG that they’re both shielding "children of interest."

High marks, too, for the scene that cut back and forth between President Nathan/Sylar’s speech on the five-year anniversary of the bomb and the fight to spring Present Hiro from the detention facility — which also had the best line of the night, Peter’s "Nah — it’s been years since I had a good fight."

I’ll leave it to you now to untangle the time-jumping knot Heroes put forth Monday: Did the little inconsistencies bug you? Or did the episode deliver enough elsewhere that you’re willing to overlook it?

Posted by:Rick Porter