hitler teapot jc penney reddit Hitler tea kettle: Does the JC Penney billboard ad look like a German dictator?

People see what they want to see, right? If that’s the case, why have many people seen Adolf Hitler in a billboard ad for a fancy tea kettle sold at JC Penney?

While that deep question may not have a real answer, there is no denying that the “Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle,” designed by Michael Graves, bears a startling resemblance to the World War II dictator of Nazi Germany.

Can you see it?

Starting at the top is best — that handle looks like Hitler’s awful and rather distinctive hair. Moving down slightly, one might think that the knob on the teapot lid resembles a small, dark mustache. And what does that spout look like but an arm raised in a Nazi-style salute?

If you don’t look too hard, the resemblance between the teapot and Adolf Hitler is remarkable.

That’s probably not what retailer JC Penney was going for when it posted the billboard ad next to the Interstate 405 freeway in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Reddit got hold of photos and the Hitler teapot was born.

As one Reddit user put it, “Heil Kettler!”

Posted by:Laurel Brown