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Greetings from the East Coast! I'm working this week out of my company's home office, but that doesn't mean ignoring my loyal Cuppers.

This week, I have a syndicated profile of Stacy London, host of TLC's "What Not to Wear." And not inserting it as JPEG this time (yeah, I know some of you had problems with that). After the article, find some bonus London quotes all about her love for AMC's "Mad Men."

"Stacy London May Soon Be a Woman on the Move"
By Kate O'Hare

WNTW5010_m "This morning in particular," she says in an interview in early May, "I'm wrestling with the fact that I just won a Vespa."

London — the co-host, with Clinton Kelly, of TLC's makeover reality show "What Not to Wear," airing Fridays — was locked in a bidding war with a couple over the motor scooter at a gala fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (by the way, London says the event generated almost $200,000).

In the end, the Vespa dealer awarded two scooters. But there's a catch.

'I don't have a driver's license," London says. "I failed my driver's test when I was 17 years old. This is going to be something new for me."

At this writing, London had not yet picked up her new Vespa, so the streets of greater New York remain safe. But be assured, when London finally hits the road, she will look good.

"I will do a helmet," she says, "but I will not do a helmet with flames. I do think that I will do one of those big, full-on head helmets with the flip visor. it's a little more bada–, a little more James Bond.

"And I definitely want a leather glove, just because I love a leather glove.

At the same time, she's helping female cancer patients and survivors feel good by looking good.

"I want to find, or at least orchestrate, a way," she says, "that people feel that fashion and style become a tool in our effort to feel better, as opposed to another hurdle you had to climb over.

"If there's any way, shape or form to help these women get back on the track to feeling feminine, sexy, powerful, that's one of the concepts I'm trying to make through this program."

Vital Statistics:

Birthdate: May 25 in New York, N.Y., making her a Gemini.

Family cred:
Stepmother, Victoria, is a romance novelist; her mother, Joy, worked as 17832_IMG_0244_m a venture capitalist; her father, Herbert London, is the current president of the Hudson Institute think tank and once ran for governor of New York.

School cred: Double major in German philosophy and literature at Vassar, and was a Phi Beta Kappa member.

Fashion cred: Internship at Christian Dior Paris; senior fashion editor for Mademoiselle; stylist to the stars.

TV cred: She played herself in one episode of "Living Lohan" and had two other series, "Fashionably Late with Stacy London" and "Shut Up! It's Stacy London."

Some of Her Favorite Things:

Books: "Favorite children's book would be 'Suzuki Beane.' It's about a little girl named Suzuki Beane who's a little beatnik who lives on Bleecker Street. That's where I grew up, and I'm partial to that. My favorite book for life, not to be all hoity-toity, would be 'Meditations,' from Marcus Aurelius. it's a great prescription for life, how to live well and do good works."

Movie: "I love 'Scarface.' First of all, Michelle Pfeiffer's wardrobe in that movie was to die for. I know the entire screenplay. I basically could recite almost all the dialogue, which is disturbing, I realize. But I am sort of a teenage fanboy locked in a girl's body. I'm so into it — guns and drugs and sex and long fingernails and satin jumpsuits … what's not to love?"

Music: "Right now, I'm totally into a girl named Meiko. I'm just obsessed with her album. She's that kind of waify girl with mousy brown hair and huge blue eyes and perfect lips, and every boy is in love with her, because she doesn't wear makeup, and she's cool. My favorite songs are 'Heard It All Before' and 'Boys With Girlfriends.'"

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London also harbors a secret TV dream, and it involves an AMC drama about a Manhattan ad agency in the early 1960s.

"There are a few things on TV that I love more than anything," she says, "'Mad Men' being at the absolute top of that list. I would kill to have a walk-on role as a secretary on that series."

When I suggest she could do a show on the fashion of "Mad Men," London says, "From your mouth to God's ears. I have the hips. I think the bustline would need a serious overhaul up, but maybe they could do that with padding.

"I'm sure I could rock that style. I never miss an episode of that."

Posted by:Kate O'Hare