Holiday gift-giving season is in full-swing, and if you’re wondering what to get the health and fitness minded individuals on your shopping list — who just so happen to love pop culture — Zap2it has you covered. From what to drink to what to drink it in, where to work out, and what to wear while they’re doing it, we’ve got the gifts the health freaks are buzzing about. Because for the work out warriors on your list, a fruit cake just won’t do.

holiday gift guide fitness zevia Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksZevia is the soda of choice for anyone trying to kick a nasty aspartame habit. It’s also great for those on your shopping list who want or need to avoid sugar — it’s sweetened with all-natural Stevia, which is derived from a plant. They’ve got 15 zero-calorie flavors, ranging from strawberry to cola, to cream soda and ginger root beer. Plus, the cool people behind the brand are nice enough to post printable coupons on their website. This delicious, healthier soda is available at most major grocers, big box stores, and many health food retailers. Even Dr. Drew drinks the stuff, and we all know Drew knows what’s what. We’re thinking of a few people who should expect a six-pack in their stocking.

holiday gift guide fitness step up revolution dance workout lionsgate Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksThe “Step Up Revolution Dance Workout” DVD features songs from the movie, “Step Up Revolution.” With four separate choreographed workout rotuines, the fitness lover on your list can ostensibly achieve the abs, legs, and booty of Kathryn McCormick or Ryan Guzman. As an added bonus, they’ll also be able to impress at the next big dance off. Now if only the stars of the original “Step Up”  — the “Sexiest Man Alive,” Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan — were teaching the moves, we just might run this workout on repeat.

holiday gift guide fitness harley pasternak hollywood workout Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksIf your friend or loved one prefers to get their workout on via video game console, the days of Wii Fit boxing are behind them. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who famously whipped Jessica Simpson into shape after she went a little too wild on Pop Tarts during her first pregnancy, is now available in the privacy of one’s living room via Xbox 360 with Kinect or Wii. “Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout” lets you choose your workout environment — beach front condo, downtown loft, or Hollywood Hills home — while keeping you on track with a calorie counter, program points, and Pasternak’s signature 5-Factor Diet. Your friends will get the personalized attention Pasternak gives to clients like Lady Gaga, without having to fly him in on a private jet.

holiday gift guide fitness biggest loser power ab blast lionsgate Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksIf you’re like us, and you’re glued to the TV any time “The Biggest Loser” is on, sitting on your couch shoveling cake in to your face and fantasizing about trainers Bob Harper or Dolvett Quince busting through the flat-screen to whip you into shape, your wish may now come true. And you can grant the wishes of your like-minded loved ones with “The Biggest Loser: Power Ab Blast.” The DVD features four workouts and, at a run time of 50 minutes, promises to help that gift recipient blast away belly fat and chisel their abs — “real people” style. We’re sure that lucky person on your list won’t wind if you borrow the DVD either — even if it’s just to watch Bob.

holiday gift guide fitness jane fonda primetime ampm yoga lionsgate Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksTo tone it down a bit for someone on your holiday list who may be into something with a little less oomph, Jane Fonda — who is apparently the Energizer bunny of workout video stars — just put out her “AM/PM Yoga for Beginners,” which promises to help new yogis build strength, improve flexibility, and relax their bodies. The DVD features three morning workouts that focus on the abs and back, while promoting energy and strength. Two evening workouts target mobility and relaxation. Are we the only ones impressed that Jane Fonda is still making workout videos? It’s got to be the yoga.

holiday gift guide fitness bar method wade livingston Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksIn order to look like a celebrity, you’ve got to work out like a celebrity, and that’s why you should buy your friend a class series or membership at their local Bar Method studio. Kelly Osbourne credits the originator of the barre-based workout craze with her astounding figure transformation. Other Hollywood devotees include Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, and Anna Paquin. Bar Method studios are now sprinkled across the country — the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tone their legendary buns at the Dallas, Tex. location — and have recently gone international. If the fitness lover on your list isn’t near a studio, The Bar Method has a myriad of DVDs that bring the workout home. Using a ballet barre for balance and resistance, this workout promotes a mind-body connection that will have your friend hooked on getting tapered legs, flat abs, and a lifted seat after just one workout.

holiday gift guide fitness lululemon Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksGisele Bundchen
, Reese Witherspoon, and Megan Fox are a few of the many celebrities who love their Lululemon workout gear. The clothing line out of Canada has stores in most major U.S. cities, and an ever-revolving inventory of fresh styles. The Wunder Under pant, in particular, is famous for sucking in and lifting up, all the while feeling as comfy as a pair of old sweats. You may recognize Lululemon’s familiar logo from the countless Olympic athletes who sported the brand during the 2012 London games. Lululemon offers the right gear for every activity — from yoga, to running, to cycling and barre-based workouts. No wonder Kelly Ripa loves her some Lulu.

holiday gift guide fitness bamboo bottle Holiday gift guide: Ideas for pop culture loving health freaksFitness-minded and eco-friendly? The Bamboo Bottle has you covered on both fronts. Using sustainable materials, the glass bottle eliminates the chance of toxic chemicals leeching in to your water or protein shake from nasty plastic. The bamboo sleeve slides on and off for easy cleaning, and keeps your glass container padded and safe. A cap and top ring make the bottle easy to tote, so the recipient of your thoughtful gift can be kind to the environment and his or her body while on the go. Shape magazine named the Bamboo Bottle one of the top bottles for “active chicks,” but we think guys will love it too. The Bamboo Bottle is available online, as well as at sporting goods stores and health food suppliers.

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