holly madison giving birth tonight gi Holly Madison giving birth tonight to baby with Pasquale Rotella

Former “Girls Next Door” star, and a showgirl in her own right, Holly Madison is set to give birth to her and Pasquale Rotella’s first child tonight. Madison shared the news with In Touch Weekly, saying, “I just got clearance to go into the hospital at 10 p.m.”
Holly isn’t worried about giving birth, adding, “I couldn’t be more thrilled! Pasquale and I are so excited to meet our baby girl.” The couple first announced their soon to be bundle of joy last August. When asked how she’s feeling in the hours leading up to entering the hospital, Holly answers, “I’m feeling very relaxed, very, very happy, contented, yet a little restless with anticipation, but all is good. I’m ready now for the delivery,” while also mentioning how excited her boyfriend Pasquale is as well.
The couple has the baby girl’s name picked out, but are keeping it a secret until she’s born. “It’s such an unusual and difficult name I have a feeling we’ll add something simpler once she’s arrived safely in our world,” she says.
Just last week Holly posted to her personal blog that she’s planning to have her placenta turned into pills she will take to help speed up the recovery process.
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