holly madison ultrasound baby girl instagram Holly Madison is having a girl with boyfriend Pasquale RotellaPregnant “Peepshow” star Holly Madison is having a baby girl. Her boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella, accidentally let the secret slip on Twitter on Tuesday (Oct. 18).

“Off to Amsterdam and I already miss my girls,” Rotella posts along with the above picture of Madison and a sonogram of their little one.

Madison replies, “We miss you! Xoxoxo,” later confirming the news with People magazine.

But the former “Girls Next Door” star says she’s planning to keep her daughter’s name a secret.

“I don’t want to say what the names are, but I will say that they’re very unusual,” Madison tells Us Weekly when breaking the news of her pregnancy. “Kind of Apple-ish, along those lines. I don’t like common names at all. If I’ve heard it before on somebody more than one time, it’s out!”  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper