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The line forms to the right, Tiger’s ladies.
Holly Sampson, an LA porn star, has now become the seventh alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, according to UK tab, The Sun

]]>The 36-year-old Los Angeles resident has starred in quality films such as OMG, Stop Tickling Me and Flying Solo 2.

See her in a (clean) trailer from Castle Erotica.
Sampson’s allegations follows those of mistress number six —  Cori Rist — said to have met Tiger in a New York club last year, according to the New York Daily News..
Rist alleges that Woods secretly flew her around the world for their liasons and she never saw much except the hotel room.
A source told The Sun: “Tiger would get a large suite at a hotel and someone would book Cori an adjacent room.”
Number eight and nine are already being rumored.
Ashley Dupre is right. Why do we keep using the word ‘mistress.’
Kiss and Tell deals available on aisle nine, ladies.