hollywood hillbillies reelz channel 'Hollywood Hillbillies': 'Gingers have souls' YouTube kid gets reality show

The star of a viral YouTube video called “Gingers do have souls!!” is getting his own reality show. ReelzChannel announced “Hollywood Hilbillies” at its TCA press tour presentation Sunday (July 28).
Michael Kittrell‘s three-minute heated video response to an episode of “South Park,” in which he bemoans being called a “fat ginger,” garnered more than 34 million YouTube views, and was parodied may times over. Even the writers of “South Park” took notice and responded back with a clip of their own, animating Michael and some of the famous lines from his rant, including, “It really irritates me when people say that redheads don’t have souls. Because we do have souls alright?” And: “I go to church. I’m a Christian. You don’t know me. You’re not God.”
“Hollywood Hillbillies” follows Michael, his “Mema,” Delores Hughes, and various other family members as they move from Grayson, Ga. to Hollywood to spend the money they say they made on the internet. Mema Delores tells reporters at TCA, “Hollywood has just gained some weight. Country has come to town, and we are 2 tons of fun, let me tell you.” Delores’ daughter Dee Dee Peters says, “We’ve put the fun in dysfunctional, I’m telling you.”
As for what they’ve been doing so far in Hollywood, it seems the ladies are mostly trying to feed all the “beautiful” and “skinny” people, whose “bellies are so flat and hard.” Michael, however, is looking for a date. “I’m single,” he says. “So if any ladies out there are looking, they’re into redheads … I’m definitely your man [roars]. I’m a tiger. I’m a lot of fun. I’m not the best?looking guy, but I’m a lot of fun.”
The family says they’ve braced themselves for the haters, and they know some people will watch the show just to make fun of them. Though they don’t take too kindly to comparisons to another “hillbilly” reality family. Dee Dee says Honey Boo Boo needs some discipline. “She needs to be spanked,” says Dee Dee. “I mean, I’m sorry.  She’s terrible.  If I would be acting like that, we would have been buried in the backyard.”  
ReelzChannel plans to debut “Hollywood Hillbillies” in January. It’s In case you missed Michael’s famous YouTube video, you can watch it below. Just be warned it contains R-rated language.

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