hollywood sign Hollywood Hills head update: Pics now on offerRemember that severed head in a bag found near the Hollywood sign on Wednesday (Jan. 18)? Well, as it turns out one of the two women who found it had her picture taken next to the gruesome package and, according to a Gawker report, she’s even smiling in the picture.

And, because this story hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, we’re sorry to add that “a prominent Hollywood photo agency” is shopping the pictures around. The asking price: $5,000.

Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor writes that she received an e-mail from the photo agency offering eight photos, “including a pic of the lady whose dog found the head (and she’s smiling).” O’Connor declined and a survey she did of other publications turned up zero interested parties.

Lauren Kornberg, the dog walker who found the head when two of the dogs she was walking started playing with a mysterious bagged object, says she at first thought it was a Hollywood prop.

“Even as we got closer, we still couldn’t say for sure whether it was real,” Kornberg tells KPCC radio. “Until my mom was literally about a foot away, face to face, and could see bloody hair and eyeballs and eyelashes and gasped and said ‘It’s real, oh my god, it’s real'”

Kornberg doesn’t discuss any photos so we don’t know whether they were snapped before or after they discovered the head was the real deal.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson